Zach Tackett

I.T. Specialist – Web Developer


Hello, I am Zach Tackett, currently I’m an I.T. Integration Specialist at Marshall University. A Computer Science graduate from the University of Rio Grande with close to a decade of experience in the I.T. field.

I am passionate about all things tech! I strive to keep as up-to-date and current on the latest in the industry and work diligently to learn new skills quite often.

I’m an avid podcast/documentary listener, and reader, keen on autobiographies/biographies, spy/military novels, and Sci-Fi. I take pride in going above and beyond in any job that I take on.


Below is a brief listing of the professional services that I offer.

Professional Web Development

Do you own a small business? Want your professional portfolio displayed for prospective clients? I can work with you to get a website built  that you can use to proudly show off and display your portfolio or promote your business!

Mobile Responsive Design

From 2015 – 2018 mobile device website traffic has increased 21%. Each site that I build is 100% mobile responsive so that viewers will be able to use the site on any device, large or small without problems.

universal Design

Accessibility (a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities. Web Accessibility is a way to make everyone including the disabled to have access to the web and internet in whole.

Cross browser testing

Chrome? Firefox? Safari? Opera? Internet Explorer/Edge? Whatever your preference, your site is guaranteed to work on any browser.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the traffic to your website. Most new sites are not indexed or ranked high within search engine results. I take the necessary steps in order to ensure your site is indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines.

Continuous Support

I offer several website packages, each package with a varying level of maintenance and support. This entails weekly updates/upgrades, security scans, and any content changes of your choosing.

SSL/HTTPS Certificate

Many web browsers are now requiring sites to have HTTPS enabled before they pass a user on to the site. If you have a website, it needs to be secured, and the best way to secure your site is through the use of a signed SSL/HTTPS certificate.

Home network/iot security

Almost every device imaginable now a days is connected to the internet. We call these devices the Internet of Things (I.o.T). Many people who own said devices are unaware of how vulnerable and unsecure these devices truly are by default. I can secure your home network as well as all of your internet connected devices!

pc tech support

Computer running a little slow? Shady pop-ups? Having trouble hooking up your printer? Can’t get connected to the internet? Suspect your PC is infected with malware?
Depending on the problem, I can help.


Web Development & Design
L.A.M.P / Full Stack
Bootstrap / Responsive Design
Javascript, JQuery, Vue.js
PHP, Laravel
Web Accessibility (a11y) / WCAG
OS & Server Administration
Ubuntu / Debian / Kali
Apereo CAS v5 & v6
VMware, Virtualbox
Apache, Tomcat, Nginx
Security & Analysis
Network & Web Security
PC / OS Security
NMAP / Wireshark / MBSA
Aircrack-NG / Nessus
Python & Bash scripting

Recent website Builds

StructSure Scaffold Solutions

Suburban Hippie Chic Boutique

Holly Johnson
Owner of Suburban Hippie Chic Boutique

Zach has been great to work with. He is forward thinking as to what my business/website needs, quick to make changes, and patient while waiting for me to get the info he needs! I would highly recommend him.


Kristen Lillvis
Director of Digital Humanities, Marshall University

Zach demonstrated his commitment to our project at each step of its development. He solicited and responded quickly to feedback, making changes to improve usability and accessibility. I especially appreciate that he brought his knowledge of mobile user interface design to our website, helping us to reach a broad audience and provide users with a great experience.

United Mortgage Corporation

MedCore Locks

College Grill Cleaners

Brandon Carter
Co-founder/coo, college grill cleaners

Great job Zach Tackett, really appreciate everything you did in building our new College Grill Cleaners website. Extremely attentive, flexible, and engaging during the process. If anyone needs some web dev work, hit 'em up!

Brookridge Apartments​

Mackenzie Halley​
Property manager, brookridge apartments​

Zach is an amazing person to work with. Our company was just starting off and he was able to make us a website for our complex. Our tenants, new prospects, and ourselves love the easy navigation and the details Zach put in the website for us. Wonderful person to work with, down to earth, and always there to help.


If you need a website designed and built, are having trouble with your computer, or are concerned that your home network or IoT devices are not secured.
Please feel free to contact me!